Giraffe Puppet


extruded polystyrene foam, basswood, plaster strips, gooseneck lamp, upholstery foam, ABS plastic,100% cotton velour, procion mx dye, faux-leather, acrylic nylon fur, plastic beads, aluminum chicago posts, washers. 

This work is an investigation of character development through puppets. The project examines how non-verbal cues, such as movement and materiality, relate to how a character is perceived. The power of puppetry lies in the fact that it is both an extension of and separation from the puppeteer. The extension of the body allows the puppeteer to control the puppet’s actions and to express their emotions, while the separation lets the inanimate object be the focus. With changes to their posture, gesture and positioning, the puppet is able to communicate a range of emotions. Because of this range, the puppet can be transferred into multiple stories and settings from theatrical to educational to therapeutic.

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